humidity-temperature digital probe


The product was created from the need to control the temperature and humidity in electrical panels with particular attention to costs. The THM-1A detects the temperature and humidity at the installation point, digitally encodes the signals and makes them available to be read by a programmable unit (for example the PLC) simply by connecting a digital input.


Thanks to a simple binary data transmission, with coding as per protocol opposite, it is possible to measure the temperature and humidity at the installation point of the THM-1A. In this way it is possible to monitor, in real-time (with update every 25 seconds), the read values, which can be processed according to your own needs.

Control cooling or heating systems with a simple operation data comparison and PLC command (or programmable unit in general), generate pre-warnings and alarms to alert the operator of the presence of dirty filters, malfunction of anti-condensation systems or simply report an anomaly are just some of the main potential of THM-1A. Functions they are in fact multiple and each has the ability to manage the data detected as believe better, according to individual needs.

THM-1A probe
with temperature humidity.
sonda temperatura umidità
grande struttura


Temperature and humidity monitoring in electrical panels, decentralized stations, etc.

Pre-alarm and alarm management

Management of one or more fans a groups with temperature thresholds

Management of air conditioners

Management of anti-condensation heaters

Failure reporting of systems cooling and / or heating

Prevention of "serious" failures

Clogged filters signaling

Connection to a programmable system (for example the PLC) at the cost of a single input digital


Power supply (Vdc):
24Vdc ± 10%, max 1,5W

Minimum output voltage Vout
Vdc – 0.7V

Current that can be supplied to the load

Temperature (operation and storage)
-20 ° C + 100 ° C

Current limited output

Non-condensing relative humidity
0-100% from -20 ° C to + 60 ° C

Short circuit protected output

Simple and light serial binary protocol

Tested by a certifying body for the EMC regulation

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