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A global leader in AV, presentation, and collaboration solutions, Crestron is at the enter of the transformation and standardization of classrooms and meeting spaces in higher education around the world. Crestron makes it simple to deliver consistent student and instructor experiences on a large scale across entire buildings and campuses. Crestron packaged room solutions support standard network security policies and offer cloud-based provisioning and management to maximize system uptime, and optimize device and room usage.

Built-in technology.
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With Crestron .AV Framework you can easily deploy simple, scalable Crestron Enterprise Room Solutions without any programming. Open the .AV Framework setup and management tool in your favorite web browser to easily:

Select Sources and displays
Device control for Blu-ray players, cable TV and video servers
Add a TSW-X60 Series touch screen and automatically generate the GUI for single of multiple display systems
Add an MP-B10 button panel for simple control of single display systems
Add a Cresnet® occupancy sensor for additional system automation
Click the Crestron Fusion® software check box to instantly to get basic room data,, system on/off, and source selection

Workplace Technology
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We all know the workplace has changed dramatically: a dispersed workforce; open floor plans; AV on the network; and reliance on mobile devices – not just to communicate, but to present and collaborate, as well. With these innovations come new challenges: how to find and book available meeting spaces; how to start a meeting and use the technology; how to provide a consistent user experience in every space; how to authenticate users, devices, and data to ensure network security; how to deploy and manage more technology in more spaces and locations; and how to support the many different platforms and services employees and guests have on their personal devices. Crestron has you covered. Our ready-to-deploy meeting spaces make it easy to deliver consistent meeting, presentation, and conferencing experiences on a large scale. Built for the enterprise, Crestron room solutions offer cloud-based provisioning and management, and support standard network security policies. Crestron Fusion® monitoring and scheduling software adds a layer of intelligence to maximize system uptime, and optimize device and room usage.

Crestron Fusion.
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Crestron Fusion® monitoring and scheduling software adds a layer of intelligence. It combines powerful tools: network room scheduling, remote help desk, global device monitoring, and data collection and reporting. Crestron Fusion integrates with the popular room calendaring platforms to improve workflow and room usage. Rooms are automatically returned to inventory in the event of a “no-show.” Crestron Fusion sends real-time status notifications for any device in any room on the network, so support staff can resolve events before they become issues and interrupt workflow. Additionally, support staff can automatically receive reminders to perform routine maintenance.

Network security.
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Crestron workplace technology solutions support the standard network security policies organizations already have in place. Every Crestron device is engineered with absolute security in mind. 802.1x ensures devices on the network have been explicitly sanctioned by the network administration team, which protects against unauthorized devices being added to the network. Active Directory® credential management ensures administrative privileges and access rights of individuals are centrally managed. Industry-standard AES block cipher with robust PKI for AV content encryption to protect content from unauthorized access as it traverses the network. SSL ensures that control systems and endpoint devices communicate only with intended devices and that commands and status cannot be monitored by unauthorized devices on the network. SSH-based command-line console access for device configuration and status protects the device console from access by unauthorized users. HTTPS authenticates and encrypts the web interface to ensure DM NVX devices are only accessed by authorized users.


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