Cisco Meraki is a leading American company in cloud networking solutions, as well as in building wireless networks and advanced routing for companies of any size. It is a complete cloud networking solution, with wireless functionality, switching, security, WAN optimization and MDM, centrally managed via the web through a single dashboard. Meraki includes integrated hardware, software and cloud services. This easy-to-use cloud architecture will allow you to solve new business challenges and reduce operating costs, while positioning your company as an expert player in the new, dynamic and exciting world of cloud-based networking.

Wireless LAN
managed in the cloud


Designed for the most demanding enterprise environments, the MR Series access points use advanced 802.11ac and 802.11n technologies such as MIMO, beamforming, and channel aggregation to deliver the high throughput and reliable coverage required for demanding business applications.

Access point for indoor and outdoor environments
High performance up to 1.75Gb/s
Built-in enterprise-grade security, guest access, and BYOD support Management in the cloud eliminates the need for a hardware controller
Ideal for high-density environments, such as educational institutions and offices, telecommuting and outdoor environments

Appliance per la
sicurezza gestite nel cloud


Comprehensive management of security, networking and application control. Security features include a next generation firewall, content filtering, web search filtering, automatic VPN, intrusion prevention, web content caching, multiple WAN uplinks and 4G failover.

One easy-to-manage platform replaces 6 complex appliances
Improve WAN performance and reduce broadband costs
Six models of different sizes from the small branch to the large campus, from the small office to the network with thousands of clients

Switch gestiti nel cloud


I vantaggi del cloud: gestione semplificata, minore complessità, visibilità e controllo su tutta la rete e riduzione dei costi per filiali e campus.

Switch Gigabit con PoE su tutte le porte
Possibilità di configurare e monitorare migliaia di porte di switch e di controllare il traffico web delle filiali da remoto
Ottimizzazione del traffico voce e video con impostazioni di qualità del servizio (QoS) che offrono un controllo intuitivo e granulare
Possibilità di configurare e monitorare migliaia di porte di switch e di controllare il traffico web delle filiali da remoto



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