As the collaborative version of the IRB 1100 industrial robot, SWIFTI offers the same class leading speed and repeatability. Moving at up to five meters per second, SWIFTI is more than five times faster than other 4kg payload collaborative robots, enabling users to combine the benefits of collaborative operation and greatly enhanced productivity with a single robot. With a best-in-class repeatability of 10 microns that exceeds both other cobots and industrial robots, SWIFTI can be relied on to accurately pick, transfer and place payloads time after time.

Safe by design.


SWIFTI combines the proven performance of ABB’s SafeMove safety certified robot safety software, which is integrated directly into the cobot controller, with a safety laser scanner, to create a speed and separation safety concept, where the goal is to avoid any contact between human and robot that could potentially result in injury. This enables safe collaboration at higher speeds and payloads without the need for containment measures such as fences. This makes SWIFTI ideally suited for applications characterized by intermittent collaboration, with infrequent sharing of the workspace.

High performance collaborative


Offering speeds of five meters per second, SWIFTI™ is a fast and accurate collaborative industrial robot for payloads up to 4kg, designed to bridge the gap between collaborative and industrial robotics. Based on ABB’s class-leading IRB 1100 industrial robot, which offers best in class speed and accuracy, the CRB (Collaborative Robot) 1100 SWIFTI combines a payload of 4 kg and reach of up to 580mm with the benefits of safe collaborative operation and ease of use. This will open new possibilities for enhanced productivity in a wide range of applications, from manufacturing to logistics and beyond, and enable more businesses to embrace automation.

Key features CRB 1100:

4kg payload and 475mm or 580mm reach.
Fast performance – industrial robot speed of up to 5 meters per second.
Accuracy / position repeatability of 10 microns.
Small footprint, lightweight manipulator and ability to mount in any direction.
Powered by OmniCore™ controller and FlexPendant.
Four integrated air supplies.
ISO flange for easy mounting of tooling.
Cobot label and white/gray color scheme to differentiate CRB 1100 and IRB 1100.
Safety laser scanner and SafeMove Collaborative software.
Interaction status light to communicate cobot status.
SafeMove Configurator App on the ABB FlexPendant.
Safety certified PL d Cat 3.
IP40 protection.
Ease of use: quick calibration and configuration.
Ease of use: Wizard Easy Programming.
Ease of use: Clip-on lead-through programming device.