In 2015 ABB introduced YuMi, the world's first truly collaborative robot. YuMi was a game-changer and heralded a new era where people and robots safely and productively work side-by-side, without barriers. Collaborative robots are adept at adding flexibility to assembly processes that need to make small lots of highly individualized products, in short cycles. By combining people’s unique ability to adapt to change with robot’s tireless endurance for precise, repetitive tasks, it is possible to automate the assembly of many types of products on the same line.

Human - robot collaboration.


Innovative human - friendly dual arm robot with breakthrough functionality designed to unlock vast global additional automation potential in industry. YuMi® is designed for a new era of automation, for example in small parts assembly, where people and robots work side-by-side on the same tasks. Safety is built into the functionality of the robot itself. YuMi® removes the barriers to collaboration by making fencing and cages a thing of the past. ABB’s growing family of YuMi robots is part of a suite of exciting collaborative automation solutions that help people and robots safely work closer together than every before possible.

Smallest agile robot.


ABB is adding a new member to the YuMi family, 7 axis YuMi, the smallest and most agile collaborative robot yet, making it easier than ever to put into production. The new 7 axis also opens up a world of flexible possibilities – for example a single-arm and a dual-arm YuMi could be combined to add a parts feed or inspection station to an assembly cell. Additionally, customer might want to have three or five YuMi arms in an application to improve the cycle time.The entire YuMi family is designed to be easy to setup and use thanks to its intuitive lead through programming. That means that even people without specialized training or prior experience can successful use robots. Read more about Single-arm YuMi.

Progetto Educational.


The Educational Project of RGA custom technologies started from primary schools and has now moved on to secondary schools with the aim for next year of reaching secondary schools with a technical-scientific focus. The use of educational robots in schools allows students to develop essential skills not only to enter the world of work in the future, but also to solve problems and seize the opportunities that life throws at them every day.

YUMI, created to succeed.

YUMI Key features:

500gr payload and 560mm reach.
Fast performance – industrial robot speed of up to 1.5 meters per second.
7+7 axes.
Accuracy / position repeatability of 0.02 mm.
Small footprint, lightweight manipulator and ability to mount in any direction.
Powered by IRB ™ controller and FlexPendant.
1+1 integrated air supplies.
ISO flange for easy mounting of tooling.
Safety certified PL d Cat 3.
IP30 protection.
One 100/10 Base-TX ethernet port/per arm.
Ease of use: quick calibration and configuration.
Ease of use: Wizard Easy Programming.
Ease of use: Clip-on lead-through programming device.